About Yolo Gypsy (Pepe)

Hey everyone, I am  Pepe Marshall. I am an avid traveler and foodie. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and welcome!


Pretty excited to be in Singapore at Christmas time

Do you dream of dropping everything and travelling to far flung places, or taking a mini break with a difference? Well I am thrilled you are here. I have lots in store for you.I started this blog as a journal for myself and people like me- you know who you are….probably over 40, ( just a number , right?) but you ain’t done yet, in fact one might say “I’ve only just begun” and if you know where that line comes from then I’m sure you will resonate with a lot that I will be sharing with you.

Travel keep us young and curiosity is in my blood. This blog is about doing things a little bit left of centre, whilst also covering the kind of must see and do attractions in the places I visit.


Love the colors of the Saris in India

The millennium acronym of YOLO I chose as it suits my nature. I believe in seizing opportunities put in front of you and travel at any time you are able. Yeah I’ve been called irresponsible and sometimes I admit to flying by the seat of my pants a bit , but life is for living folks.

So come along with me for the ride, let me know your thoughts,  comments and stories too. This is what makes life rich.

A lot of my stories will be helpful for those travelling alone, particularity single women, and I get it , it can be daunting… another reason I decided to share some tip and tales. Also if you need to have luxury tips this is not what I am about although I have many tips on how to do it well on a budget.

Where ever I am I look to attend cooking classes to learn more about the culture of the place I am visiting, food is a simple way to do this. I also travel a lot with my adult son, so we have some good hints for inter generational travel as well.

My son Guy and Me

I also like to travel with my adult son Guy

My life of travelling started as a small child. I was fortunate to have parents that saw the value in this. We moved from the U.K to New Zealand when I was around 15 and always wanting to “go home” I stated my career as a flight attendant with Air New Zealand and was lucky enough to see places many of my friends only dreamt of. Fast forward a number of years and the world has become a much smaller place with technology connecting us so easily and airfares a lot more within reach of everyone.

My goal is to travel full time , to share this with others and write about experiences. On the ground I run a small plant based catering company which keeps me busy, so you will notice that food posts and cooking adventures are all of the meatless variety.

Travel is about living, and learning and for me that means evolving as a person. You find out a lot about yourself on the way as often you have time to reflect and think about what is important in life. So whether you are planning  a life changing experience, or ways to see the most of a destination on a set holiday period, So what are you waiting for, go grab those deals when they come up, think about the hows and whats later I say. You wont regret it.